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Portland is blessed with myriad styles of architecture from Craftsman Bungalows and Victorians to ultra urban lofts. But one of the most fun – and one of our favorites – is the Mid-Century Modern style. From well-known Rummers to less well known local architects such as Shell, these properties are in demand by young, hip buyers! Here is an example of one that we did interior design work on and that we staged…

SW Hills Concrete Block

When we were called in on this property, the plan was to replace the kitchen completely, the bunk bed room and mainstream it with pale maple flooring, new cabinets and common glass tile. We said “Oh no you don’t!”…(or something to that effect). To demolish the great character of this house would have been a sacrilege, so the owners placed faith in me and were ultimately glad they did! Me, too!!

Here are the Before and After Shots:

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Stove Before

Another Shot of Before

Mid-Century Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen After

Mid-Century Living Room Before

Mid-Century Living Room After

Mid-Century Living Room After









The sellers weren’t convinced that anyone would want a concrete block house so they resisted spending more on cork flooring, preferring to carpet the living room. I went along with them deciding that they knew their budget best. So we carpeted the living room, painted the brass hardware black and I staged it in a comfortable but stylish homage to mid-century sensibilities.

Bunk Bed Room Before

Bunk Room After









Another room slated for a sledge-hammer was the Bunk Bed Room. This room had been lovingly crafted by someone for their children and I thought buyers would be enchanted by it. So I urged the sellers to keep the built-ins, but we did compromise on painting some of the wood that was worn.  The eventual buyers loved this room and the man plans to use it as a work-at-home office!

There is more that we did which you can see on our Portfolio, but the upshot is that not only did the Cinder Block house sell quickly but the sellers received 5 offers and $10K over asking!!  Not only that but they saved thousands by not replacing the kitchen with new.  A really fun success story!


Here is an example of our Mid-Century staging that we just installed. It’s a newly updated and renovated home and a fantastic example of this genre: