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Transformations offers a range of services and pricing to suit all needs, properties and budgets – whether modest or magnificent!  We provide upscale staging at competitive prices so your property captures the imagination of buyers.  As all of our staging is custom-designed  for  each property, prices depend on the size, scope, and caliber of staging required among other factors. After many attempts over the years, we finally concluded that a simple price list was futile to guarantee that you receive the best staging possible.

Therefore, for those customers ready to move forward with marketing their home, we do not charge to do a walk-through of your property in person, discuss your needs and budget, and provide a complimentary proposal (approx 30-45 mins of your time).  For those still weighing options and trying to get a handle on prep needed prior to marketing, we will provide a Marketing Consultation (when our schedule allows) where we give more thorough advice on what should be accomplished in each decision-making room prior to staging and the seller takes notes (approx. 60-90 mins). The charge for this consultation, depending on the size of the house, time spent and market sector, will be credited back to the seller at time of staging. Please ask for more information.


Nothing is more challenging to buyers than empty rooms! They are cold and uninspiring except to the most trained eyes – even pros will often select a beautifully staged home over one that they must visualize. It’s only human.

Transformations provides high-quality furnishings from our extensive inventory in styles from Urban Contemporary and Mid-Century Modern to Transitional and Traditional to fit the architecture of your property seamlessly. We are constantly adding new items to our inventory to keep it fresh and exciting. We hand-select every piece with care and coordinate it into a cohesive color scheme which flows from one room to the next.

Your staging will be completely unique and will showcase the assets of your home while diminishing any deficiencies. In fact, quite often issues evaporate after staging which were obvious while empty. We are strategic in recommending which rooms should be staged so that you get the most leverage for your staging investment. No other staging company offers the style and quality in staging that convinces buyers that YOUR property is special and the one they want!

We offer 3 levels of staging: Lite, Lush and Luxe to fit a range of needs and budgets.

Transformations Lite: An affordable package for those trying to keep the staging to the essentials and for whom budget is a primary consideration.6th.lrdr

Transformations Lush: Our standard staging package with fully fleshed out rooms and lots of eye candy.  Usually includes Living/Great Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, and Master Suite.  Other areas such as Study, Family Room, Nook, etc are also available.

Mid-century modern home staging in Portland Oregon by Transformations




Transformations Luxe: The “Platinum Standard” in staging for luxury properties. This is our niche and no other staging company in Portland has the upscale inventory to do justice to high-end properties. Your staging will be completely custom and guaranteed to Wow discriminating buyers!


Portland Oregon luxury home staging by Transformations



Whether your property needs a full makeover or just some tweaking we can help update and re-design the look of your home.  We will utilize the best of what you have to work with, edit what won’t get the property sold and, if needed, supplement with our updated furnishings.   You can have the look of success for less!



We offer model staging as well as trade show and media prop rentals for commercial clients.  Details provided by request.